Upgrade to Premium!

The premium option allows you to:

  • Build your own questions - users can create customized questions
  • Set up multiple devices in one location - say a bank or store and you want several devices, maybe even for different areas like a service counter, a sales counter etc and see results of all areas under one login
  • Alerts - you can add in alerts so if a customer is unhappy for any reason, you can be sent an immediate alert and can assist them BEFORE they walk out the door and you may lose them forever!

Our premium memberships are a annual subscriptions based on the number of devices you wish to register simultaneously. Upon subscribing, you will receive license keys that can be activated on each of your devices. The licenses can be deactivated so if you chose to remove the app from a device you will not have to worry about losing one of your licenses.

Please select from one of the below options to upgrade to a premium account:

1 - 5Devices$99 / year
6 - 10Devices$149 / year
11 - 20Devices$199 / year
21 - 50Devices$299 / year
51 - 100Devices$399 / year
101+Devices$599 / year


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